cara nak buat resume !

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dah puas berusaha guna resume biasa tapi still tak dapat kerja?  ce korang try yang ni pulak !  :DD

contoh resume :

Name : Shasha 
Age : Still young
Sex: Never. Still under age
Religion: I only have experience praying my cat which dead 2 years before
Race: I love to race. How u know?
Nationality : I dont like National. I prefer Sanyo
IC No.: 6735
Tel No.: My house no telephone
HP No.: Nokia 3310
Address: Jelutong, Penang
City: Nurhaliza?
Postcode: I never post anything
Country: I love travel to London
Status: Secret
EmailAddress : Hotmail
Education Background : My teacher said, not bad
Working Experience : Last time I got sell pirate VCD
Fathers Name : Daddy
Fathers IC No. : U ask him
Mothers Name : Mummy
Mothers IC No. : U ask her
Expected Salary : As much as u can pay
When can start work? : Depends on my mood
Highest Qualification : Very high
Grade : Also very high
College/University : College
Signature : Can I use chop??

siapa na buat resume cam ni baik doee ! hahaha

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