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Hang out with Pika Pateng . Her name is Nur Shafiqa Fatin . was born on 1992. yups , quiet clumsy . (i think) lol ! cute, maybe . hum, easy to talk . easy to laugh . and sometimes , easy to cry . okay, stop ! back to our topic . (--,)

ok . im soooo.... borosssss.. and i dont know how to control it . maybe because the concept 'easy come, easy go' then, my money also fly away . hohoho !  a little bit about my thing . i wanna make a list of things that i bought this evening .  can you help me? of course you can . hee.

First, i go to watson and find out the powder . mine almost run of stock . i choose maybelline clear smooth all in one bcoz there have discount . how much is it? how much you want? haha  . i get it for rm16.80 . quiet cheap for maybelline product. i proud with my choice . (at first) . kononnya pilihan bijak la kan.

I though this is the last thing that i want . but, suddenly, i change my mind . i ask pika going upstairs, downstairs to find kiosk . and suddently we stop in front of THEFACESHOP . they just sell the product from korea. then im turning crazy . because what? bcause i saw the korean actor. aaarrrrrgggghhhhh.... ops! not the real one actually. haha . 

so, i buy this . bebe lip mask . the price about rm8.00 . First time i opened it, i still remember my words . like this . "ek eleh.. satu je kat dalam.. mahal nyee..." heee. After 10 minutes applying, i feel my lips look cute . its really work. like seriously, its look like korean girl . shining . so, it worth for rm8.00 :)
jpeg (225×225)
next, i buy this . angle skin make up base . love the smell and the color . i bought it for rm30.00 .. arghh.. my money flow like a water .. can anyone manage it for me? of course lah not . mmm... suddenly, i feel sleepy . i will tell you more when i have a pleasure time . nothing special that i bought . even for you . just my cloth, mask, perfume and food . haha . gud night .

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